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Trees are an integral part of every landscape, yet nothing can destroy your home’s curb appeal quite like an unhealthy tree. Implementing a proper care and maintenance plan for every tree is an arduous and time-consuming undertaking, and tasks like tree pruning or removal can be dangerous without the right training and equipment. 

If you seek a professional to help keep your trees healthy and beautiful, look no further than Wight Tree Service Inc. We are a family owned and operated business, offering a complete scope of tree services to Barrie and Innisfil for over 30 years.

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Barrie and Innisfil are quaint areas of Simcoe County, situated on the western shore of Lake Simcoe and home to just over 200,000 residents combined. Innisfil has been a primarily rural area through most of its history, and yet it has experienced recent growth in residential development due to similar development in Barrie and the GTA. This has resulted in a significant amount of tree removal, spurring ongoing debate throughout the last decade in particular.

Stress-Free Tree Care in Barrie

While the City of Barrie has had its own tree preservation by-law since 2014, the Town of Innisfil currently relies on the County of Simcoe’s tree cutting by-law encompassing both private and public properties. Rest assured that our certified and insured professionals possess in-depth knowledge of these by-laws, and we expertly navigate them for stress-free tree care regardless of your needs and objectives.

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