Tree Service in Beaches & East York

Maintaining your front and back yard can be tough work. From mowing the lawn during the summer time, to raking the leaves during fall, yard work can take hours to complete. Unfortunately, there are some yard work that are just too dangerous to handle on your own. If you’re in need of tree services in the Beaches and East York area, contact us today.

Arborist Reports & Tree Assessments in East York

We also provide arborist reports, a detailed summary of a tree’s condition. This will allow us to properly assess the condition of your trees and provide the best option for your current situation. Not only that, an arborist report is required for a tree removal permit if you are planning removing certain species of trees and trees of specific sizes.

Beaches Storm Damage Specialists

Seasonal storms can cause major damages to trees, breaking and falling onto other trees, houses, and cars. Fallen trees due to storms are extremely dangerous and should only be removed by a professional. Our tree services include the safe removal of storm-damaged trees. With the use of our equipment and expertise in tree removal, we can remove trees affected by storms that have damaged your property or may damage your property if not handled properly.


Tree Service company near me

As a tree service company for over 30 years, we have all the equipment, skills and expertise to help you with all your tree-related problems. Our services are available throughout Ontario, including the Beaches and East York. Call us today at 289-231-9274 or fill out our quick & easy contact form here!