Prolong Tree Health
with Cabling & Bracing

Have your trees been damaged by severe weather conditions or poor growth patterns? Do you have a large tree with multiple heavy branches? Are you concerned that a falling branch could pose a threat to you and your property? 

If any of the above is true, but you’re concerned about losing your trees altogether, rest assured that there is another option. At Wight Tree Service, we use cabling and bracing to support unstable branches as an alternative to tree pruning and removal!

Our Non-Invasive Process to Restore Tree Stability


The cabling and bracing procedure involves the installation of a variety of cables around the branches and trunk in order to stabilize the weakened or damaged branches. This is usually a non-invasive procedure, although if the tree has suffered a severe crack or split, a cable will need to be installed into its structure for added support. While cabling and bracing does not fully repair the tree, it significantly prolongs the tree’s life as it does not constrict the branches but allows them to grow naturally around the supporting cables.

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