Emergency Tree Removal – Winter Ice Storms

Every year in Canada, ice storms wreak havoc on roads, homes, properties and trees. It’s that time of year – when temperatures rise and fall quickly, winds pick up, and layers of ice can form on branches. Telltale signs that limbs are beginning to feel the weight of the ice? The droop. Almost every tree begins to look like a weeping willow.

This is when the waiting game begins. If trees on your property are typically healthy and well-pruned before Canadian winter arrives, they should be able to withstand the storm. However, any trees that are weakened by disease or dead limbs are at risk for breaking.

The worst case scenario is that an at-risk tree is near your home or car. If a tree breaks or falls on your property, DO NOT attempt to remove any limbs yourself. A fallen tree is unpredictable; heavy limbs can fall or role at any moment, causing injury or death.

Call an ISA Certified arborist company to assess removal of the tree. You can even take pictures of the damage from a distance and email it to the tree company that will come and assess damage.

Wight Tree Service is always on call for Emergency Tree Removals – they take priority over all tree work. We have trained arborists and the proper equipment and tools to safely remove fallen trees. Make us your first call if you need emergency tree removal any time of year.