Fall Tree Services

When is the best time to prune tree branches?

There are many articles out there that discuss whether the pruning of trees should be done in the Fall or Spring. It can be confusing. So let’s clear things up!

Springtime is the best time to prune your tree for vitality and growth. But Fall is the best time to focus on dead limbs and branches. And we can help you with that!

Pruning Dead Tree Branches

Dead or cracked branches become more brittle during the winter months, making them more prone to breakage. Ice storms can make branches heavier and even more dangerous.

Our ISA Certified Arborists will assess trees and provide a free quote to mitigate problematic limbs that can save your home from damage during our harsh Canadian winters.

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Prevent branches from breaking and falling onto your roof during the winter. Avoid the shock and surprise of a huge roof repair bill by taking action now. Easily book a free quote or call 289-231-9274.