Tree Fertilization

Does your tree appear to be suffering from an illness? Do you notice a lack of leaves? Or, are the leaves a strange colour? Are there spots and/or bugs on the leaves? These and many other symptoms can be the result of a number of factors:

  • The soil around your tree is heavily compacted and water is not properly leaching through the soil.
  • The tree is being watered too much or not enough.
  • The tree may have a nutrient deficiency.

Restore the health of your Trees with fertilizer

If any of the above is true for a tree on your property, the best solution would fertilization by a professional tree service. Due to a lack of organic matter, such as fallen leaves, which would normally serve as a source of nutrient recycling, a tree will sometimes need additional nutrients from an external source. That is why our specialists at Wight Tree Service will provide an organic fertilizer, administered directly into the roots to help the tree return to its ideal level of health as well as to prevent future diseases, water deficiency, and a wide range of other problems.

Experienced tree service

Call Wight Tree Service at 289-231-9274 today and we will take a look at your tree anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, including as Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Aurora, Pickering or Mississauga. We’re here to fertilize and help care for your trees.