Gypsum Salt: Save Your Trees from Salt Damage

Canadian winters are harsh – but we can handle it. We’ve got the gear to stay warm and brave the elements. And our cities are ready too with plows on call to salt our roads and keep us safe.

But what happens after the chill in the air begins to fade, and icicles start melting? All the salt used to make our roads safe can become toxic to our trees – especially the trees near roadways.

High levels of road salt can cause a steep decline in the health of trees. But Gypsum salt can help prevent this from happening:

  • Gypsum salt can easily be applied on top of soil around trees
  • Application should be done as snow is melting, or very soon after
  • Gypsum salt works by unbinding road salt molecules from the soil, and allowing it to leech out through watering

An arborist can assess whether trees on your property or roadway are at risk of health decline due to toxic amounts of salt. Quotes are free! Call us today to book an assessment. We’re ready to treat trees now, before it’s too late. | 289-231-9274