Tree Service in King City

Trees are living things that provide us with clean air to breathe and luscious greenery to enjoy. Why risk losing these unique benefits to your property when you can prevent problems at the outset by working with a qualified tree care provider? If you need professional tree service in King City, ON, Wight Tree Service is here for you.

King City is a community situated just 30 minutes north of Toronto. With a population of almost 7,000, it is the largest community that is part of King Township. Unlike many present-day cities, King City has managed to maintain its vastly forested geography: Today, nearly 25% of its area is still covered in temperate forests!

King City Tree Removal & Preservation Bylaws

Unfortunately, extensive tree removal has become a problem as of late, sparking a debate among members of Council of the Township of King about a tree preservation bylaw. This has been a topic of discussion since February of 2014, but a decision has yet to be made. Maintaining the area’s tree canopy is a major priority for local authorities, and hence the removal of trees from private properties is strongly discouraged unless said tree is dead, dying or dangerous (Property Standards By-law #8-182, section 4.6).

At Wight Tree Service, we believe that prevention is key, which is why we are committed to helping local homeowners keep their properties green and healthy. Our ISA certification, 30 years of experience, and close familiarity with local regulations speak for themselves every time we set to perform tree service on a property.


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