Tree Service in Mount Albert & Sharon

Looking for tree care services in Mount Albert and Sharon, Ontario? Things like accidents and storms can affect and damage your trees that may require you to manage them all year long. Contact Wight Tree Services today for all your tree service needs. Tree maintenance requires the operation of heavy machinery that can be too dangerous or difficult for homeowners. Call our experts today! 

Mount Albert Tree Maintenance Services

Being in the industry for over 30 years means we’ve seen it all when it comes to tree-related issues. Through our Arborist Reports, we can identify the major issues that your trees may be having and provide the most optimal solution for your case. With the report, we can not only determine the best way to remove your trees, but we can also determine ways to restore damaged trees.

Maybe your trees have been affected by severe weather conditions, but you don’t want to take them down. It is important to understand that not every damaged tree needs to be cut down. There are different ways to help restore the tree. We provide tree cabling & bracing services to help restore tree stability and health. Couple that with our high-quality mulch, and we can bring your trees back to full health.


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If you have a tree that requires attention, we can help. Whether it’s cutting down a tree through removals and trims, or maintaining trees through fertilizing and cabling, we guarantee that we have the knowledge and expertise to solve all your tree problems.

Our tree service is available throughout 289-231-9274 or filling out our online quote form!