Tree Service in Richmond Hill

The town of Richmond Hill, ON is one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada. Richmond Hill is a diverse hub of culture and industry with much to offer homeowners including beautiful, large properties. These landscapes require expert care to maximize curb appeal and ensure a green future. That’s where we come in!  Wight Tree Service Inc. has been serving Richmond Hill and its surrounding areas for over 30 years.

We understand that your time is valuable. When it comes to maintaining your trees and landscaping, we’ll work promptly and skillfully to minimize the impact on your property and your schedule. Our trained and insured tree service crews have the tools and talents needed for any job from tree pruning to lot clearing.

Hiring a Professional Arborist in Richmond Hill

Many of the tree services we provide require expert training and specialized equipment, making them hard for homeowners to DIY. Let us take care of your property for you! Our knowledgeable and efficient Richmond Hill tree service experts are here to help!

Our experienced Richmond Hill tree service experts will help you every step of the way! We can assess your property for damaged or diseased trees, help you navigate Richmond Hill’s tree removal bylaw and permit applications, and execute safe tree pruning and removals, even around obstacles such as inground pools, cabanas and gazebos.

Maintaining Your Property

When it comes to tree maintenance and removals, the town of Richmond Hill has regulations in place to preserve the natural tree canopy. At Wight Tree Service Inc., we aim to preserve trees whenever possible. However, if a diseased or damaged tree needs to be removed to reduce the risk of harm spreading to the rest of your property or eliminate a safety risk, we have the tools to effectively removal all possible harm.


Maintaining Your Property

To find out more about Richmond Hill tree services, contact us at Wight Tree Service Inc. Call us at 289-231-9274 today or complete our easy online quote form here.