Scale Insects are Here! We’ve Got the Cure for Your Trees: DORMANT OIL

We’re already booking appointments for tree removals for those putting in pools this summer, as well as pruning and shaping for those getting their backyards into barbeque-hosting shape… but the calls we’re getting more of lately? How to rid our customers’ trees of these little creepy “crawlers”:

– Magnolia scale                         – European Red Mite Eggs                   – Maple Spider Mite Eggs                        – Spruce spider mite eggs        – European Elm Scale Nymphs            – Cottony Maple Scale

Say Hello to Overwintering Scale Insects – aka Crawlers. 
These insects appear on trees when temperatures are milder, around 10 degrees or so. They not only make your trees look sickly, they can cause tree health to decline. Treating trees at the right time to avoid infestation is key.
Our ISA Certified Arborist and Health Care Specialist can assess and treat your trees.
DORMANT OIL: Rid Your Trees of Scale Insects

The key to Dormant Oil Application being successful is timing. Scale Insects are most active when the temperatures are warmer between 10-14 degrees.

Dormant Oil acts as a smothering agent. Since Scaling Insects breathe through pores on the sides of their body, Dormant Oil makes it impossible for them to breath, therefore they can no longer survive on the tree.
If you suspect that trees on your property may be infested with “crawlers” contact us today for a free assessment . We’re ready to treat trees now!