Soil Aeration: Let’s Get to the Root of the Problem

When a plant is wilting, most people automatically assume it needs water. But sometimes it just needs to breathe! Soil can get packed down by foot traffic or pets. The more compact soil becomes, the more difficult it is for it to hold oxygen.


Puddles: A telltale sign your soil is dense and compacted – stopping roots from getting what they need.



We can fix that!

Oxygen actually plays a vital role in the vitality and richness of soil. If soil is aerated, it becomes oxygenated – the tree or plants whole vascular system can now function at its best:
  • Roots can now easily absorb water
  • Microbes & organisms that help plants thrive, now have the oxygen they need to survive
  • Soil becomes more rich & fertile




Healthy, oxygenated soil means blooming flowers and lush gardens. Plants and trees become less vulnerable to pests and disease because they’re healthy from the roots up. 

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