Storm Damage

Do you remember the ice storm that affected much of North America in December of 2013? After a long night of freezing rain and temperatures well below 0, everything was covered in a thick layer of ice. The weight of the ice had caused large branches and entire trees to fall, causing further damage to other trees, cars, and buildings.

Unfortunately, a rare storm of such severity is not needed for extensive damage to happen to the trees on and around your property – any winter or summer storm can have similar effects. In such cases, it is important to remember that a fallen tree can be dangerous and should only be removed by a professional. That is why your Wight Tree Service professionals are fully trained and equipped to clear storm-damaged trees safely and efficiently, assessing and removing immediate hazards to people and property while doing our best to prevent further damage.

Maintenance Services for Storm Damaged Trees

A storm can affect your trees in a variety of ways. They can cause obvious, external damage resulting in broken branches, or internal damage that you may not be able to recognize by quick glance. Broken branches can fall on your yard or your property such as your home and vehicle or can be suspended in the air above your property, being a potential threat to you and your family. However tempting, even the most simple looking tree removal procedure can be extremely dangerous without the proper knowledge, expertise, and equipment needed when removing storm damaged trees. If not taken care of properly, a broken tree branch can cause further damage to you, your family, and your property in the process. That is why we suggest contacting a professional tree removal specialist for all your tree removal needs.

Preventative Tree Care

In general, it is great practice to manage and maintain your trees through tree pruning and tree cabling/bracing before a storm can damage them. By doing so, you are able to allow your trees to grow around your property, preventing any branches from falling on your property if they were to be damaged and broken by storms.

Cost To Remove A fallen Tree from Storm DamagE

The cost of removing a damaged tree varies greatly depending on a variety of factors. Size of the tree and severity of the damage, among other factors, all contribute to how much it would cost for a professional tree removal service. If you require a tree removal service, contact us now for a fast and free quote.

Storm Damage Tree Service

If you live in one of our service areas – including Georgina, Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Aurora, North York and Barrie – and your trees have suffered storm damage or you believe they could be particularly vulnerable during future storms, contact Wight Tree Service at 289-231-9274 today!