Tree Service in Holland Landing

Did you know that a tree removal permit is required by law to trim or remove trees on your own property? Even if it is a dead, diseased or hazardous tree, you require an Arborist report explaining why the tree work is necessary is required. If you require an Arborist report, or any other tree services including removal and maintenance, contact Wight Tree Service today.

Tree Pruning in Holland Landing

There are a lot of different factors that play in the maintenance of trees. Tree pruning refers to the trimming of branches and tree limbs to improve the health of a tree and help it grow. By eliminating excessive branches and weak limbs, we shape trees to help them grow healthier and stronger.
Not only that, tree limbs that grow out of place can interfere with electrical wires, nearby buildings and trees. This can cause damage to their surrounding environment and themselves. By removing these hazardous limbs and branches, we can save your tree and property from possible future accidents.
Lastly, decaying or dead tree limbs can affect the rest of the tree if not properly tended to. By removing these dead limbs, we can elongate the lifespan of the rest of the tree and maintain its good health.

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If you live near Holland Landing and require tree services, contact us today. Wight Tree Service has been providing professional tree removals and property maintenance services for over 30 years throughout southern Ontario. Call us today at 289-231-9274 or fill out our online contact form for a free no-obligation quote.