Trees are living, breathing organisms that require careful maintenance and upkeep. Without the proper training and equipment, tree pruning (also called tree trimming or tree cutting) is one of the most dangerous tasks for homeowners. To prevent potential hazards to yourself and your property, contact the professional Georgina tree pruning experts at Wight Tree Service. We are your best choice for tree service in Georgina, specializing in meticulous tree trimming.


Benefits of tree pruning:

  • Eliminating branches that crowd and rub against each other
  • Removing tree limbs that interfere with service/electrical wires or nearby buildings
  • Removing dead or weak limbs that pose a hazard or may lead to decay
  • Training young trees by shaping them for proper future growth
  • Trimming tree branches to increase light penetration, also known as thinning
  • Improving the shape of the tree
  • Providing proper overall care to the tree

Tree cutting in georgina

Wight Tree Service has been serving the Greater Toronto Area, York Region and beyond for over 30 years. We offer tree cutting services in Georgina as well as Aurora & StouffvilleBarrieBradfordKing CityMarkhamNewmarketRichmond HillUxbridge, Vaughan and of course, Toronto. For all your tree care needs, including tree pruning, tree trimming or tree cutting services, call 289-231-9274 or complete our online quote form for a free quote!