Tree Removal in georgina

Trees increase curb appeal, property value and are important to your property’s ecosystem. But, when a tree decays, dies or become diseased, you may need to consider tree removal. This will preserve your yard and it’s value, and ensure the safety of nearby people and buildings. Our reliable tree service experts have provided quality tree service in the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years. Need a tree removed from your property? Call 289-231-9274 to get a free quote from one of our certified arborists. If you think your tree’s health may be at risk, you can request an Arborist’s Report. Our tree experts will assess the damage and show you every solutions, including pruning, bracing or removing the tree.

Why is tree removal recommended?

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of local tree species and highly value the many benefits trees bring to our community. So why would we recommend removing a tree? Tree decay and death is part of the natural cycle of an ecosystem. In an environment like a regional forest, this process can occur naturally.

But in our urban and suburban communities, a dying tree poses many risks. Depending on the location of the tree and the damage, this risk could be to nearby buildings, power lines or people. We recommend tree removal when a tree becomes damaged beyond repair. Damage to trees can include broken branches, root rot, pest infestation, and more.

Consider tree removal, if your tree is:

  • Dead
  • Diseased, such as root rot
  • Damaged, such as a split trunk
  • Infested by pests, such as the Emerald Ash Borer
  • Crowding or otherwise harming nearby trees
  • In the way of new construction (see also: lot clearing)

Should you remove your tree?

Tree removal is a skilled task that requires professional training and heavy-duty equipment. There’s lots to take care of in your yard, but we don’t recommend homeowners attempt tree care on their own.

Our lead arborists are ISA certified and formally trained. Hiring professional arborists eliminates personal risk and liability from attempting a DIY removal. Our crews know how to remove trees as safe as possible for your family, your house and your yard’s health. We maintain and upgrade our safety training every year.  We also carry $2 million in liability insurance through WSIB to further protect you.

Our crews use professional equipment that the average homeowner doesn’t own. This includes: heavy-duty chainsaws, extendable pole pruners, stump grinders, wood chippers and more. All these tools are necessary to remove the tree and improve your yard’s health and appearance. When our crews complete a job, we clean up all the mess to save you time and stress!


Experienced tree service

With over 30 years in the tree care industry, we have the knowledge, skills and track record to remove any tree. Our ISA certified team is committed to advancing safety standards and best practices in tree service. We know our clients value professional and informative reports about work on their property. That’s why our crews are happy to explain their processes to you. Our arborists will  help you understand your tree’s failing health and assess all solutions.